The Floptropican government has invested over $69 billion flopdollars into the infrastructure of Floptropica. This includes the creation of 7 airports facilitating both domestic and international transport.

All populated regions of Floptropica are also connected via a comprehensive public transportation system, including buses, train and boat. You can learn more about the transit routes here.


BRITT BARBIE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (LOWER FLOPTROPICA) The Britt Barbie International Airport serves all of Lower Floptropica. Located at 15 Trisha Paytas Dr in Doje Kait city.

TRISHA PAYTAS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The Trisha Paytas International Airport serves all of Upper Floptropica. Located in Ahou Pankupi at 71 TikTok Dr.

FLOP COUNTRY – HAGEGART INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Hagegart International serves mid Flop Country. Located 4 miles from the capital city of Flop Country.

FLOP COUNTRY – ERENDITS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Erendits International Airport serves the West Coast of Flop Country. Located only 2.7 miles from the city of Erendits.

FLOP COUNTRY – MARIAH CAREY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The Mariah Carey International Airport serves all of the Lang Moen area of Flop Country. 1 mile from Lang Moen.

JIAFEI ISLAND – PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The Products International Airport serves all of the Vandercros area.

JIAFEI ISLAND – SAMSUNG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The Samsung International Airport serves the Dunwic area of Jiafei Island.


Floptropica has thriving retail infrastructure, with over 720,000 registered businesses operating within the Floptropican local government area. With thousands of governmental support packages available, businesses’ thrive within Floptropica.

Internet Connectivity

All Floptropican Citizens have access to free unlimited internet provided by our governmental partner FlopConnect, all citizen internet used end-to-end encryption via VPN technology, ensuring a safe and private browsing experience for all flops.


The Floptropican Government has invested 659 billion flopdollars in the development of defence infrastructure across our united islands. The recently launched METEOR M2-4 polar-orbiting defence satellite provides the Floptroican Defence Force with a constant flow of ground imagery to protect citizens. You can track the Floptropican satellite METEOR M2-4 here.


Our partner in air transportation can be reached via the link below.